The Forgiveness





1 Omar, slave of our Lord Jesus Christ and called to preach the gospel of God throughout the world to all the Sons of God scattered throughout the Earth, who hunger and thirst for justice. 2 The peace of God be with you all.

The forgiveness

3 The love of God has been made manifest to all in that he forgave us of all our sins and cleaned us with the precious blood of his son Jesus Christ. 4 God's forgiveness is one of his wonderful qualities by which we have been able to appease our sinful consciences and find refreshment in this vile world. 5 His forgiveness is not superficial, but penetrates to the depths of our souls and cleanses us from all evil. 6 Have you suffered insults? I have suffered in abundance too! 7 Have you had to suffer calumnies and humiliations? I have suffered even to wish to go with the Lord!

8 But how do we manifest our love for our brethren and especially for those who persecute us and thus become our enemies? 9 Forgive them, just as God forgave us first. 10 Not keeping a grudge for those who persecute us and not returning evil for evil; rather, to anyone who offends us we will offer our Christian love.

11 How many times have I had to fight strongly against this sinful flesh that induces me to do evil! 12 If it were not by the power by which he gave me power, Jesus Christ, I would not have been victorious from any of my struggles. 13 And as sinful humans, there is not even one who is a perfect man; many times I have offended many individuals. 14 Does that make me happy? Do not! On the contrary, it grieves my soul and makes me cry because I have failed God. 15 We know that Satan does not sleep, but we fall asleep many times and let the influence of the Devil penetrate our minds and act foolishly toward others.

16 Have I offended you? I beg your pardon! Have I caused you shame? I ask you to excuse me for doing so! 17 I ask my God to give me strength to endure this heavy burden that I carry on my shoulders because I was weak when I should have been powerful.

18 In the name of Jesus Christ and by his mighty blood, through the Holy Spirit of our God Jehovah, I ask you to overlook the times I have foolishly acted against you by having offended you or acted foolishly and spoken with execrable words against you. 19 I am not making excuses, nor am I defending myself for what I have done or spoken against you that I have offended you, 20 you are right when you say that I have reviled you and acted as a person who is not a Christian, you are right when you call me hypocrite and liar, 21 for what other way can one be called, calling himself a Christian, dishonorably speaking against his fellow men?

22 If you, whom I have offended, decide to grant me forgiveness, I assure you that God will take it into account and his reward will be great in heaven once we stand before the presence of our God. 23 Let us forget pride, and let us not quarrel over who began the fight, who threw the first offense, who spoke the first word with disdain; 24 Let us better go to the feet of our Lord and ask Him for wisdom to forgive those who trespass against us.


Blessings in forgiving

1 Before continuing to hold a grudge against those who have treated you badly look inside and honestly see that you have also treated others badly, 2 and just as you wish to be forgiven for what you have done or spoken badly, I and We all want to be forgiven for what we have done or spoken poorly.

3 I want God to keep him in his path and bless him abundantly in everything he does in the name of God. 4 The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ gives you the tranquility and serenity that is required in every Christian. 5 In everything that has offended me I forgive him with all my heart, and in the same way I ask him to forgive me with all my heart in everything that has offended him.

Final greetings

6 I send my most cordial greetings to all the brothers scattered throughout the world and who fight day by day against the enemy and carry the Gospel to every corner of the planet for a witness to all nations.

7 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.